Photographic Policy

Saint Nicolas' Place takes issues of privacy and child protection extremely seriously.

If it is practical to do so, we will obtain your consent to publish on this site any photograph in which you feature. In the case of children under the age of 18, we will try to obtain the consent of a parent, guardian or group leader before publication. We will immediately remove any photo containing the image of a child on receipt of a written request. We will never identify a child by name. We will never identify any adult by name without his or her permission.

Photos of community events often feature large groups of people, some of whom may be visitors. On these occasions, it is rarely possible to obtain the consent of every person present. We do, however, wish to be able to make available a photographic record of life in and around Saint Nicolas' Place, and to do so without burying ourselves in piles of unmanageable bureaucracy.

We therefore offer an "opt-out" system. If you find a photograph of yourself, or of a child for whom you are responsible, on this site and you would like us to remove it, you have only to ask and it will be deleted. It's as simple as that.

In most cases, the quickest way to have a photo removed is to contact David Ash via his website.

If you have genuine concerns, you may find this article from the Daily Telegraph enlightening, including the readers' comments below it. If you wish to enquire further into UK law and photographers' rights, including a discussion of what may or may not be published, please click here.

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