The Friends' Hall

Situated beneath the North Hall, this room is named in honour of the Friends of Historic Kings Norton, whose tireless efforts have contributed so much to the revival and restoration of Saint Nicolas' Place. Originally, the hall would have been the heart of the household, hosting, on occasion, great feasts and entertainments, with a large fire at one end for heating and cooking. The sleeping quarters of the servants were probably here too. Some of the timbers in the North Hall above still show traces of the smoke from the fireplace.

This was still the central living room as late as the 1970's, when it finally ceased to be a family home. The Screens Passage, which separates the smarter end of the lower hall from the more mundane areas for cooking and animal care, is now cleverly revealed by the glass doors and the passageway which double as our fire exit. The other end, which still shows traces of its earlier life as a place for housing animals, continues to be used as a food store and leads into The Barn.

The Friends' Hall is built over the foundations of a 12th century ditch, which, when excavated, showed that the site was almost certainly occupied well before this beautiful house was built.

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